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●Use the Internet platform to open up overseas markets, to seek overseas customers to track, organize and respond to inquiries and late follow-up work to do, in collaboration with overseas companies to develop their business;

●Timely market information, maintaining the company's website, the background data network platform and make new product announcements;

●Promotion and sales maintain good communication with customers and maintain good old customer relationship, responsible for the product in foreign markets;

●Active communication with production departments are coordinated and that export goods on time;


●College education, English 4 and above and can be completed in English and basic everyday business communication, international trade, business English related major;

●More than one year experience in export operations, had achieved independence Order;

●Familiar export business processes and all aspects, Understand contract considerations and risk control methods;

●Have good communication, coordination and implementation capacity, practical work seriously, keen to respond fast, strong responsibility;


●In accordance with the technical standards for the subject product quality inspection;

●Good accordance with the process card, technical inspection records for each project under standard conditions, to prevent error detection, undetected, to detect defective products appear and marked and manufacturing requirements and supervision side to take effective measures to careful management to prevent bad products , mixed with substandard products qualified products planted hidden quality;

●Familiar with and understand the product drawings, technical documents, understand the structure of the subject product, performance and use requirements;

●Provide feedback on the quality of data to the leaders of relevant departments and production workers; according to the product or components existing problems, analyze the causes, prevention and improved advice for competent leadership and leaders of relevant departments for reference;

●Qualified or not the quality of the product or part to issue proof. Responsible for test results


●Inspector over years of work experience, shelf production experience is preferred;

●Familiar QC inspection practices and control processes, Understand the ISO9001 quality system;

●Good communication with the spirit of cooperation, serious and responsible work attitude