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What is a wooden shelf

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Wooden shelves, that is, shelves with wood as all or most of the basic materials, mainly include solid wood shelves, steel-wood shelves, supermarket shelves, convenience store shelves , food shelves, wooden showcases, wooden display racks, etc. 

Wooden shelves , also known as " solid wood shelves " , " fresh shelves ", " wooden showcases ", etc.; it is a combination of shopping malls, supermarkets, convenience stores, merchandise display, merchandise placement, merchandise sales, merchandise storage, etc. It is a commercial facility in one; it is the physical carrier of modern supermarkets, convenience stores, shopping malls, various commodities and goods, and the artistic carrier of supermarket display ideas, so it is the main component of modern supermarkets, shopping malls, and convenience store shelves . . In a sense, we can even equate the planning, design, production, and installation of wooden shelves with the design of supermarkets, shopping malls, and convenience stores. Supermarket wooden shelves are composed of fresh wooden shelves, grain shelves, fruit and vegetable shelves, and poultry and egg shelves.

Wooden shelves are mainly made of environmentally friendly wooden materials, made of special fireproof boards, various decorative materials and glass covers. There is no fixed standard, and standard or special-shaped cabinets can be made according to product requirements and ground location.

The design of wooden shelves guarantees the appropriate area and space when the products are displayed on the shelves, so that the products can be effectively arranged in a horizontal arrangement to display their different varieties, and in a vertical arrangement to display different specifications and grades of the same variety. Appropriate space not only facilitates the vertical arrangement of the goods, but also provides convenience for the salesperson to put the goods on the shelves, put the goods, and clean.