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What are the types of wooden shelves in supermarkets?

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We all know that wooden shelves are widely used in supermarkets. Wooden product shelves can be designed according to different spaces in the supermarket, and the display effect is particularly good. But do you know the types of wooden shelves in supermarkets?

1. Fruit and vegetable shelves
Supermarket fruit and vegetable shelves are commonly made of stainless steel, steel wood and wood and other materials. The best display effect is wood products and steel wood fruit and vegetable shelves. Wooden shelves with unique wood color patterns look upscale, but they are not very convenient to clean and move.
2. Nakajima cabinet
At present, bulk containers and island containers in large supermarkets are made of wood or steel. First, it is stable and reliable, and second, it can set off the quality of supermarkets.
3. Wine cabinet
The wine coolers are all made of wood. The reason for wooden is that size and color can be customized very well. What's more, the woodwork is a better match for red wine and wine glasses.
4. Grain cabinet
Rice buckets and grain cabinets are also made of wood, mainly because of our country's tradition, which is more suitable for consumers' habits.
5. Pickle rack
The pickle rack and pickle table are also wooden shelves. Of course, iron shelves can also be used as pickle tables, but they do not look very beautiful.
6. Promotion desk
There are also steel and wood products on the promotion table and pile head, and the modeling rack or modeling table is basically made of wood.
7. Bakery cabinet
The bottom of the bread cabinet is basically wooden, and some are made of glass.
8. Deli cabinet
For deli cabinets, many supermarkets in many places are mainly made of steel and wood. In some places, a carpenter is directly asked to build a row of wooden deli counters, or a shelf manufacturer can directly pull the finished wooden deli cabinets.
9. Egg House
Egg houses are made of wood products. The advantage of wood products is that the shape is free and there are many innovative highlights.