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Is it necessary to fix the wooden shelves in the supermarket?

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In general, the manual operation frame with a height of less than 2500 mm is not fixed, and it is fixed to operate with a forklift or other handling equipment. Wooden shelves in supermarkets are usually no higher than this height, and most wooden shelves are flat. Wooden supermarket shelves for displaying food and vegetables do not need to be fixed, but shelves for displaying red wine should have some fixed measures against the wall.

The layout of supermarket shelves is the main content of the store layout. The woven aisles of the wooden structure of the supermarket determine the flow direction of customers. Whether it is vertical crossing, oblique crossing, radial, free-flowing or direct layout, some flexibility should be reserved for changes in business content to meet customer needs. It is necessary to adjust the layout of supermarket shelves. Therefore, various wooden shelves in modern supermarkets adopt a combined form, and only a few specialty stores adopt a fixed form.

Fixing method of wooden supermarket shelves against the wall:
1.You can use rivets to hit the shelves into the wall.
2.Tie all the shelves together with thick wire.
3.Use an electric drill to drill holes in some places on the shelf, and use a nail gun to fasten the shelf to the wall.


The design of the wooden supermarket shelves ensures the appropriate area and space when the commodities are displayed on the shelves, so that the commodities can be effectively arranged in a horizontal arrangement to display the different varieties, and vertically arranged to display different specifications and grades of the same species. Appropriate space is not only for commodities The vertical arrangement of the shelves also provides convenience for the salesperson to put on the shelves, release the goods, and clean. At the same time, pay attention to the stability of the wooden supermarket shelves to avoid unnecessary losses.