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How to use wooden shelves in supermarkets

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Compared with others, wooden shelves are an environmentally friendly and concise form of shelves. In recent years, wooden supermarket shelves have become more and more widely used. In this process, the precautions for the use of supermarket wooden shelves have gradually attracted everyone's attention. The following are the precautions for the use of wooden shelves in supermarkets:

1. Seasonal products come first, and popular products come after;

2. Those with darker colors are in the front, and those with brighter colors are in the back;

3. The smaller one is in the front, and the larger one is in the back;

4. The cheaper one is in the front, and the expensive one is behind;

5. Use lighting, color and decoration to create atmosphere and focus customers' attention;

6. The supermarket wooden shelf product labels are facing the front, which can make customers clear at a glance, easy to take, and is also a basic display method.