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How can wooden shelves help you improve the overall level of the supermarket

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The use of supermarket wooden shelves can store more display goods in a limited space, and the load-bearing capacity of the shelves is very prominent. However, in order to obtain more benefits in the daily use of supermarket wooden shelves, you need to know more about the use specifications of supermarket wooden shelves.

1. The overall size of the wooden shelves should be neat, the lines should be smooth, and the colors should be eye-catching. The shelves should have a unified style. In the same supermarket, the shelves should be unified, so as to give people a correct and orderly environment.
2. There are parts on the shelf beam to facilitate the replacement of commodity labels.
3. The space and load ratio of wooden shelves should be as large as possible, so that more goods can be stored.
4. Wooden shelves should have rich accessories , suitable for displaying various commodities , such as clothes, shoes, porcelain bottles, stationery, tools, etc. There are many colors of the shelves, and there are also many colors of our products. Only when we match them well, we can exchange for a unique effect. The color matching between the products on the shelves and the products, if the products are brightly colored, then the shelves Just use gray, light-colored product shelves should use dark colors, dark-colored product shelves should be light-colored, and the color matching between shelves and products should be reasonable.
5. Keep a certain distance between the wooden shelves. Don't be too crowded between the shelves, and leave an appropriate distance, so that consumers can move more freely when purchasing goods. The shelf design should ensure that the goods are convenient to load, and leave a little space appropriately. , don't give you a very depressed feeling.

Supermarket shelves are important props for displaying goods in supermarkets. Excellent supermarket wooden shelves can form a certain attraction to customers and help you increase your turnover.